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Take Control of Your Financial Future

Take control of your financial future with The Infinite Banking Concept 

The Infinite Banking Concept
is a concept that allows individuals to utilize Permanent Life Insurance as a financial tool that most individuals never thought possible. 

At Choice Life Insurance Services we specialize in structuring policies that maximize the living benefits (cash value) while providing Tax Benefits, Safety, Liquidity, and Rate of Return that can only be found within a Permanent Life Insurance Policy. Through The Infinite Banking Concept you can: recapture principle and interest you have been paying to financial institutions, manage debt, decrease interest payments to loans (credit cards, personal lines of credit, business loans, create a personal banking and financial reserve system, develop a tax free or tax deferred retirement plan, just to name a few.

 Unique benefits of The Infinite Banking Concept:
  • Build savings in safe environment
  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Competitive Return
  • High Contributions
  • Deductible Contributions
  • Use as Collateral 
  • Safe Harbor
  • No-Loss Provisions
  • Guaranteed Loan Option
  • Unstructured Loan Payments
  • Liquidity, Use and Control of your money
  • Protected from creditors 
  • Tax Free Distribution 
  • Build College Fund 
  • Take back control of your money
  • Stop the transfer of wealth to financial institutions
  • Asset protection
  • Recapture the interest you are paying
  • Stop Loss of opportunity cost of not earning interest when paying cash for a big ticket item 
  • Take back control of your finances and financial future. 
  • Fund your business purchasing equipment
  • Withdraw your money without tax penalties with no application or credit check

A Whole Life Insurance Policy is the primary vehicle by which an individual can participate in The Infinite Banking Concept which acts as the individual’s lending reserve. The Whole Life Insurance policy becomes your personal reserve bank. Whenever you need to make a large purchase, you simply borrow the money from your policy like you would with a bank. However, different from traditional financing, you earn the interest, rather than the bank.

This way, The Infinite Banking Concept allows you to remove the bank from the equation and you essentially become your own bank system. Most people have never thought that acting as their own lender, becoming their own banker or creating their own private reserve system, was an option, but with Choice Life Insurance Services and The Infinite Banking Concept, you are able to create your own private reserve system, or your own personal bank, and have the opportunity for financial freedom.

Learn why the benefits of  The Infinite Banking Concept will change the way you look at Permanent Life Insurance and the role it can take in your financial future.
The Infinite Banking Concept: Explained 

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The Infinite Banking Concept vs. Buy Term and Invest the Difference 

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