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Banking for Professionals 

Did you know?
 It was possible to save for retirement using a financial tool that allows you to finance your expesnses at the 
same time? It is if you establish your own BANK!!!

Doctors , Chicopractors , Health Care Professionals
As a healthcare professional you most likely use banks or other lenders to finance your personal, as well as practice expenses. If you were to calculate how much interest you pay to banks, lenders, and financial institutions each year, how much would that be?

It would probably add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, or even more, over your lifetime. Every month a large portion of your income goes to paying off that debt, along with saving your money for retirement. 

Some of the benefits of the Private Reserve Banking System:
  • You earn a guaranteed rate of return
  • Luquid access. Your money is available to you at any time, and for any reason
  • Protected from malpractice lawsuits
  • Your money can be accessed tax free and without penalty
  • Safe from market fluctuations
  • Many more!

 The Time magazine reported it is time to retire your 401(k), and we agree! Why continue worrying about your money due to lack of control, when you don't have to?

Take charge and create your own financial stability for you, your family and your practice by utilizing your own Private Reserve System.To learn more, call Gerald Townes 404-422-5762

Real Estate Professionals
Using a Private Reserve System can be a Powerful Cash Management Strategy
to increase your real estate gains while adding security to your financial goals

The Banks, Corporations, and Wealthy individuals have increased their Liquidity, Safety, Rate of Return, and Tax Benefits by taking advantage of the characteristics found in one of the oldest financial products in the world –  Permanent Whole Life Insurance.

This is not your typical life insurance you may be thinking of, which often, is thought of as death insurance. The Banks, Corporations and Wealthy individuals have long known that this unique asset provides a vast amount of living benefits, such as having  equity accumulation where every dollar contributed creates a dollar of liquid equity. This benefit, is unseen in any other single financial vehicle; it is truly life insurance.

By utilizing the living benefits of a unique Permanent Whole Life Insurance, we can show you how to increase the security and gains of your Real Estate investments.

Some of the Living Benefits:
  • 100% Liquidity
  • Safety of Principal regardless of market conditions
  • Guaranteed Equity
  • Optimal Tax Benefits
  • Rate of Return - Increase your positive rate of return and accumulate cash value with continued and consistent guaranteed growth.
  • Safety - Considered to be one of the safest places to hold money.
  • Tax Benefits & Liquidity - Decrease your tax liability while increasing your liquid capital and wealth.

Please watch this short video on Infinite Banking and Real Estate

Infinite Banking and Real Estate

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