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Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg with Confidence


Fixed-Indexed Annuities is a great unique financial vehicle that allows you the ability to grow your money while the market goes up and but protects your principle when it goes down. Having a Fixed-Indexed Annuity as a part of your retirement plan is something that should be carefully considered. 

Some of the unique benefits that Fixed-Indexed Annuities provide:
  • Principle Investment Guaranteed
  • Eliminate Downside risk in the Stock Market
  • Potential Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • Interest Accumulates Tax-Deferred

With an uncertain market, having a Fixed-Indexed Annuity in your portfolio can allow you to control, and protect your retirement, earn a steady and constant return.There is no better time, than now, to protect your retirement nest egg. Don't allow your retirement to be susceptible to the market downturns.

Is your retirement secure? This is a very important question to ask yourself. Taking the proper steps to eliminate risk of your retirement is now easier, especially with Fixed-Indexed Annuities. Make sure your retirement is protected and secure. Contact Gerald Townes 404-422-5762. 
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